I follow the Cliffs of Moher
wishing my thoughts could find
the world I once knew as ours
and place it in your mind.

This air cannot sustain life
as I want it to be
but, with love, it will be enough
to more than satisfy me.

To travel to the end of now
and trigger it to rewind
take it off this constant loop
to where our futures were aligned.

And whenever I think of you
I do not pretend to be
a viewer at your window,
nor a blind man watching TV.

I can only say it is you
the perfect way you can be
that makes me drag my lost life
from the depths of the sea.

Care for her with all my might,
always keep her love in my sight.
She loves in her own way,
even as she struggles with her day.

Her beauty is beyond that which I can imagine.
To love someone this much must be a sin.
Still, I would love her even more if I could.
I will have her at my side forever if she would.

Our time together has been up and down,
but I won’t be happy till she’s in her wedding gown.
To sleep beside her is heaven on earth,
to hear her laugh is beyond mirth.

I shall know what perfection is like at last,
when I die knowing I have done all for her in my past.

The crimson sunset speaks to me,
forever knowing my dreams await.
The moon will arise to meet me,
a silver beam that shines my fate.

These are God’s creations in the sky,
and I marvel at them every day.
I believe in the truth they represent,
and listen to every word they say.

For the warmth of the sun bathes me,
keeping me safe from the cold of hate.
The moon marks a solid path for me,
and reminds me to pause and pray.

I wait and listen for your word,
give me direction to this life of mine.
I pray and search for your light,
through the darkness to the single line.

My way ahead is for me to choose,
you have given me all that’s wise.
The life I lead filled with so much hope,
I just need to know the truth from the lies.

The spirit comes to me whenever I ask,
my soul is showered in its glorious being.
This is true even as I make the same mistakes,
because knowing isn’t the same as seeing.

I will find my way to my final resting place,
not in the ground, a box, or ceramic vase.
For my heart is clear and you know it well,
your home is where I’ll end this race.

Drowning in the pool of a lost mind,
the world forsakes me without trying.
My truth and show are never aligned,
my bed at night is for my crying.

The waters aren’t deep, nor very fast,
but I can’t swim to safety in time.
My hold upon the shores cannot last,
I always hear the midnight bell chime.

Toxic are the voices in my head,
to which should I pay the most attention?
To my future, the past always led,
please give me just a single mention.

Tell me where to go and what to do,
for the way to live beyond today
is to follow your steps, and hear you.

A wish, a dream,
to dare to believe.
A thought, a motion,
a desire to leave.

In an instant of today,
tears the fabric of life.
For the forever more,
live with constant strife.

Blame me for the tears,
let them fall a river inside.
Keep the love from me,
toss what was aside.

When the day begins,
remind me of our trust.
As the world turns again,
let us shake off our dust.

The truth is always there,
even if it can be lost.
Kiss me my love,
no matter what the cost.

Few know the thoughts that occupy me
as I release no truths such as this.
The forward movement that cannot be
and life that never says what’s amiss.

I fall in line with the common man
but shatter my dreams with broken hope.
They won’t know the backward race I ran
for I cannot dare to try to cope.

Instead I hide within my false face
and know I can die without a trace.

Run true to the end of time
and follow me to its brink.
Further that which can be whole
to make us a lover’s link.

See the flowers and the trees
under the sliver of moon.
The nightly glow bids its last
it is always gone too soon.

Wake awash fulfilled as us
and capture the truth of we.
Morning gives its open call
to bid for which all can be.

No more pain in long goodbyes
together with no more lies.

To have the courage to stand alone,
to ignore the devil’s guttural moan,
to create hope where none could exist
and then rise above the blinding grey mist.

The depths of Hell release not a soul,
from the dark haunts of its fiery hole,
to stop such a descent in mid-stride,
as impossible as blocking the tide.

One must change before going below,
repenting all sins ‘gainst both friend and foe,
belief in He who created all
is a must to stop the obvious fall.

So don’t sit and wait for Judgement Day,
hoping heaven is the end of your way.

The Lord will show me the way,
I only need to follow.
His words are ever the guide.

His son always brings me joy,
even when I cannot smile.
For me, it is He who died.

Forge a path that keeps me right,
focus my truth on His heart.
He is love and love is Him.

My ray of hope is His face,
I know that forevermore.
With God, life is never dim.

Within the Holy Spirit,
I will every day confide.
He will not lead me astray,
or let my future be grim.


Traveller, writer, reader, and recovering procrastinator.

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